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HawkProjects is a small Norwegian organization focusing on creating and releasing fun, creative and maybe a bit random projects for the general public. Our main focus revolves around web development, video editing and general information technology. Many of our projects are currently based on Minecraft. As that is where we started out 4 years ago.

HawkProjects Main Server Status

Our main server Linus (s1.hawkprojects.net). This is where most of our projects are kept.

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Featured Project

The project we're currently most proud of is FiskFille's Download Center. Where you can download some awesome Minecraft mods.

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Other Projects

Hawk's Tech Tutorials

A blog where you can find some handy tech based tutorials on how to do things like setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or run your own web server.

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Online IFrame Generator

One of our visibly older projects. An iframe is a special type of HTML tag that let's you insert parts of other websites into things like blog posts, forum posts or just a clean custom HTML page. This online generator let's you create one with ease.

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FiskFille's Community Forum

A forum related to the featured project above. A place where fans of FiskFille's Minecraft mods can settle down and discuss their ideas.

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Featured Youtube Channels

Normaliteten (Norwegian Speaking)

Normaliteten is the Norwegian "Let's Play" channel of ours. We post random Gameplay videos in Norwegian here whenever we feel like it. Click the banner to check it out!


HawkAnimations is a channel where all our 3D animation projects can be found. Click the banner to check it out!

Contact Information

Want to collaborate on a project?

...or perhaps you want to hire us to create a website for you, or maybe you want to rent some server space from us?
Whatever it is you can contact us at the email address below.


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